Professional photographers that are specializing in weddings have to be able to market their services in a productive way. It is a competitive industry. At the same time they need to be able to time manage and look after the administrative sector of the business. All of this can be time consuming and time is money to the wedding photographer. Fortunately there are many online tools and resources that can help keep a wedding photography business organized.


This online resource is ideal for both marketing and storage. Wedding photos can be displayed here making it an ideal marketing tool. One can build an impressive looking portfolio that is going to be easily found. Potential clients can view these without having to make direct contact with the photographer for the purposes of seeing their portfolio. At the same time Google gives plenty of space for the storage of photographs. A good amount is free then additional space can be bought.

Database Programs

Quite often professional photographers are a one man show. Meaning they have to do everything themselves for their photography business. They are not always available to take bookings. There are database designs that can automatically take care of many of the different booking needs.

CRM Programs

CRMs are customer relationship programs. They have many different platforms integrated into them to help the wedding photographer stay organized. Some of these programs will allow the photographer to generate quotes or to set up email marketing campaigns.

Every wedding photographer should take the time to learn about which tools and resources are available on the internet. Focusing only on those that have been designed for photographers. There are many generic type tools but when they are industry specific they are much more efficent. They cater to what the photographer needs. Time is not wasted on learning applications that are not going to have any value to the wedding photographer.