Team building is a very important component of any business that has even a few employees. Businesses that run with a team effort are normally far more successful. It is not always easy to build a team because one is dealing with human nature. There are many different team building resources that can be used to help with this. Such as team building events and team building exercises. One of these exercises can include the use of photography to be used as an exercise tool.

The Purpose of a Photography Team Building Exercise

This exercise has the purpose of encouraging participants to share their opinions. Also, to create connections with each other.

Photography Assignments

There are several different ways that photography can be used as a team-building exercise. One great way is to pre-prepare the participants. Plan for a date for the exercise. Then before this date assign each participant to take a selection of photographs. They should have at least three to five. They can choose whatever they want to photograph. Don’t give them any more details other than the photography assignment. But do inform them that 3 of their photographs will be used during the scheduled team-building exercise.

Using the photographs

On the day of the scheduled exercise make sure every participant is notified that they must bring their 3 photographs with them. Then when the exercise starts the participants can be segregated into groups. Each participant will take one of their photographs and give a summary about it to the group.

Then each member of the group has to ask one question about the photograph. Also, give a short opinion about the photo. What this does is gets everyone engaged and encourages them to share their opinions. It is the basics of building a teamwork mindset. This exercise can be repeated with the three different photographs in three different groups.