There are many different specialties that apply to the photography industry. All of which are important and play a major role in business. With the use of the Smartphones and other devices for taking pictures the importance of the professional photographer is being down played. This site is dedicated to keeping the value of the professional photographer in the forefront. But it is also realised that many people simply want to enjoy taking their own pictures as well, so we have not forgotten about them.

Wedding Photography

One of the most important events to be memorialized through photographs is weddings. There is no room for mistakes here. For this reason most couples want to rely on professionals for this. This section we have dedicated to wedding photography touches upon the use of online resources for the professional wedding photographer. Also, some quick tips that will be of great assistance.

Team Building Photography

In this section we have strived to create an interest in using photography for team building. It can be effective used in both events and exercises. Here there are some examples of this.

Photography and Conferences

A lot of money is spent on conferences. Our section here is a combination of information for both the conference photographers and the the clients who use these services.

We also haven’t forgot about the do it yourself photographer who want to enjoy taking their own pictures. There is an interesting and informative article here about picture taking in casinos. It is one you won’t want to miss.